January 27 2013 Sunday at 11:50 AM

Just another reason to buy locally made products

This weekend there was another fire in a Bangladesh sewing factory, killing 7, just months after another factory fire that killed many more. The safety standards and treatment of workers at these factories is appalling, and the companies that subcontract these factories, such as Walmart and H&M, take little if no responsibility for the conditions.

Every garment you buy from decaf plush is Made in the USA; not only that, each is made within a 5 mile radius of our studio. During production time, I visit our sewing contractor every other day. I see the workers sewing, the cutters cutting, and not only that, the conditions of the space and employee interaction, both while working and on breaks. After the garments are complete, they come back to our studio for applique work and finishing. All under my watch.

This level of monitoring just isn't possible when your factory is overseas. 

I take responsibility for every step of our process, including the tasks that take place outside our studio. I challenge Walmart and H&M to do the same.