November 29 2012 Thursday at 01:46 PM


Occasionally I hear a news story that shocks me to the core. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times. 

First heard on NPR's "All Things Considered", the story detailed a fire that raged through a Bangladesh garment sweatshop, killing at least 110 workers. (

Although the government is claiming arson, "Of course, critics would say that it's very convenient for the government to blame arsonists for the fire because, of course, it then deflects attention from the safety standards in their factories. "

Scorched garments from brands such as Gap, H&M, Disney & Walmart were found among the wreckage. 
The story continues on to state "This factory that burned was apparently making clothes for Wal-Mart and Disney and Sears among others, even though it had been given a high-risk safety rating in an audit last year. And Wal-Mart says the factory was no longer authorized to do business with the company but that one of its suppliers subcontracted work to them."

So this year, as you walk into Walmart, or any other big-box store, keep in mind that although prices are low, livelihoods AND lives are at stake. Shopping at these stores only allows these corporations to continue to mistreat workers and ignore safety conditions. 

Here is a great article detailing some of the grotesque abuses at these factories.

Think twice.