September 15 2014 Monday at 06:33 PM

Why are we Made in the USA?

We were recently lucky enough to be featured in a televised product review on WCCB Charlotte!

The reviewers really loved the design of the products (YAY!) but gave us just a "MEH" on the overall review, with the main concern being price.

Just a reminder that decaf plush is not only based in the USA, but also designed AND manufactured in the USA.

Approaching the manufacturing process at the local level allows us to control the following:
  • Quality - We handle quality control directly. All our appliqués are cut, applied, sewn - & then pressed & packed for you - IN-HOUSE. 
  • Safety - Not only the safety of our products, but also the safety, health and well-being of everyone involved in the manufacturing our products.

Manufacturing locally also promotes:
  • Community Supporting local shops helps promote the work of local craftsmen, small business owners and the future of manufacturing in America. Support your community!
  • Economy - Buying more USA made products promotes job growth, reinvestment into our own economy as well as momentum to return manufacturing to the United States.